Six on Saturday

8th of Feb 2021.

This is I hope, the start of along line of posts about my gardening year.

This is a whole new way of life for me but I am trying to work to instructions courtesy of Word Press LEARNING THE FUNDAMENTALS. Not an easy thing for an Old Cogger who is used to having his own way , cannot spell and has been too easily influenced by THE PROPAGATOR and his Six on Saturday.

  1. So this is number one of snowy picks today 8th FEB 2021, I am trying to add lighting to my garden. This lamp lights up a large tree in the dark but here in the light just this set of branches.

2.While not strictly ‘growing in my garden’ I bought this Poinsettia in early December and it seems determined to keep going. I move it round the cottage to follow the sunniest spots as the day progresses, and only water when it’s soil is dry to the touch.

So now I will stop here and try and publish. If you have enjoyed this early attempt at blogging do call again.

One reply on “Six on Saturday”

Amazing to keep the poinsettia going ! In the past all mine have shed petals and yellowing leaves by early January .


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